Flaunt your business every time with SalesFundaa

SalesFundaa help to boost the marketing, sales and customer service function of an organization. CRM services mostly revolve every side contact or service centers were a cluster of professionals to solve customer issues.

Salesfonda CRM service providers provide many tools and software, which facilitate pinpoint time operation. That’s why the SalesFundaa service includes collection and tracking of customer data, which is implemented with the help of developed data analytics software for forecasting requirements.

Enterprise resource planning(ERP) software handles all type of processes like sales, manufacturing, customer support, purchasing, Sales & Marketing, accounting, Human Resource, CRM, and inventory. It is an integrated method from where you can control your all type of work.

There are different types of ERP software which is mostly used in Mumbai, Pune, and Ahemdabad.

If you have a small business and want to go beyond the expectations of customers. SalesFundaa ERP CRM is the right solution that fulfills every unique necessity in the hospitality industry.

These types are the number of ERP system functional levels, flexible, business size, feature-rich, deployment, and cost-effective. Here is a breife overview of types of ERP software

Lightweight ERP (Small business ERP):  It is designed for small businesses so that you can acquire your business needs. This model includes all type aspects of accounting, manufacturing, sales and business management.

Vertical ERP:  It is industry-specific ERP structural focus on smaller companies such as construction, supermarket distribution or retail business.

Open-source ERP: ERP software system whose source code is made publicly available. The solutions are given by SalesFundaa web-based open source business apps. It contains apps as Open Source CRM, eCommerce, Warehouse Management, Website Builder, Billing & Accounting, Manufacturing, Project Management, Point of Sale, Marketing and Purchase Management.

Generalist ERP: It works for industries. These solutions have powerful customization and integration to match with different business needs.

Key Features of SalesFundaa ERP Software

Organization Management, Contact Management, Enquiry Management, Integration, Quotation Management, Proforma Invoice, Tax Invoice Management, Sales Order Management, Delivery Challan, Manufacturing, Inventory, Work order Management, Purchase Management, Assest Management and many more.

ERP software solution is the best for all types of business, which cut down the manual procedure by providing accurate real-time data through production planning, supply chain, supply scheduling, shop and efficiently operate business functions.

Benefits of ERP Software solutions: Fastest mobility in your business, become well in order management, inventory management, quote management, and a 360-degree view of your customers.

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